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The United Commonwealths of Dontalia

One of the oldest countries on Mikon, we came from the German Empire as a colony but remained after its collapse due to the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. In 1920 the Unification treaty unified the countries into one state, the United Commonwealths. The UCD has the largest army in the Mikon Archipelago and access to weapons of mass destruction. The Dontalian Air Force is large and second to the United Provinces of Mikoya. The Science Department is the second largest on the Island. The space program of Dontalian allies with that of Mikoya.


The United Commonwealths of Dontalia holds the strongest military power in the Mikon Archipelago, as well as the second-largest economic power, second only to Portalia.


In 1878, the German Empire established a colony on the main island of Mikon.